A Rose By Any Other Name...

Lucky is on the cusp of eight-ness. Today, my little girl is a… well… slightly bigger little girl. She doesn’t seem so different than seven, or even six. She still plays with dolls, dresses up the dog, and makes fart jokes. Come to think of it, only thing that has really changed over the last few years is that she can now read and write. Pretty well I might add.

… And with that newly acquired skill, one can only imagine what one can, umm… only imagine. Lucky has concluded that changing her name is as easy as just writing a new one on a name tag. Writing is awesome! All you have to do is write it… and it shall BE. Or so she believes.funtly

She has now proclaimed herself to be “Rose Funtly”. Yes, you heard me… THEE Rose Funtly. I know, I know…right now you are asking yourself “How on earth has this ignorant woman been living under the same roof as Rose Funtly this whole time and not even know it?” Well, I’m as shocked as you are. Lucky admitted to her alias when approached with a lanyard I unearthed from her mountains of paperwork on her desk.

“Lucky? I found this in your room. Who is ‘Rose Funtly’?”

“Oh, yeah… well, I know people have special names when they have jobs, and I’d like to have at least a hundred jobs, so that is my job name.”

Of course. That makes total sense. Why did I even ask such a dumb question? A person who treats animals is called a veterinarian; a person who cooks is called a chef; a person who works in a library is called a librarian; and a person who has over a hundred jobs is called “Rose Funtly”.

My daughter…Rose Funtly:  Maker of felt, jewelry boxes, and wind chimes ; trapeze lady; cruise person; costume designer; teacher of dance, trampoline jumping, and cupcake baking; potion creator; owner of a pet shop, purse shop, and paper shop; person who shows other people around; and last… not to mention least, a doctor. Apparently, the world needs more pot makers and gumball machine owners than doctors. As a mother, I couldn’t be more proud.

Happy birthday to my Jack, or should I say “Rose” of all trades...

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