Chasing Double Rainbows

By now, everyone has seen that “double rainbow all the way” video clip. We laugh, but secretly I think we all crave to be that inspired... by something, anything. Something that will make us cry, laugh, scream.... just feel... deeply.


Searching for inspiration is difficult... because really, it needs to just "appear" on it's own, and from within. With that being said, I can now see why many writers drink. They are hoping that if they are just buzzed enough, they'll have some amazing, uninhibited vision that will catapult them back up to the the top of the waterfall of verbal creativity where the bourbon generated ideas pour directly from their brains to their dancing fingers like thought controlled puppets. Little do they realize that what they perceive to be the scalp tingling sensation of super genius thinking is really just the effects of an overheated lamp shade teetering on their numb head, and what they thought was Shakespearean caliber writing is really just a cryptic “to do" list for their diabolical cat.


In no way am I comparing myself to a “writer”. Not at this point in time. But I am feeling the desperate effects of being uninspired and am mistakenly looking outward instead of inward. My kids are not performing up to par in the “funny” department (I think they want higher pay since joining the union), my pets are lazier than usual, and I can not remember the last time I slipped on a banana peel. What is a scatterbrained, sporadic blogger to do?


My dear friend just treated me to a psychic reading... and apparently, I should know what to do because according to her, I am psychic myself. Who knew? She also told me I should smoke pot and drink more water. I will get right on that!


Maybe I need to shake things up a bit with some new experiences. Lucky suggests we go to “more of those celebrations where people kiss in church”. Ahh yes... weddings can be inspirational. Someone, please get married for the sake of my creativity... and PLEASE make sure something goes awry, and that it is something I personally would find hysterical. I am counting on that. It's the least you can do for the awesome set of nesting bowls from Crate & Barrel that I will gift you. 


Bubb on the other hand, proposed we go to more of “those celebrations where people die”. Hmmm, funerals? Okay, okay... I see where he's going with this. If get my psychic juices really flowing here I can actually plan ahead of time for these “celebrations”. FYI: Jerry, I suggest avoiding nude rooftop yoga next Saturday... it's not looking good.


A fabulous astrologer recently did my and chart warned me that I have these constant internal conflicts going on, and I just need to trust myself and go for it... whatever “it” may be. This could take a lifetime, or two... for me to figure “it” out. Wine, or pot could potentially speed up that process however. Or slow it down. Whatever it is, I'm chasing that double rainbow... proudly wearing a lampshade on my head.



0 #2 2012-03-12 10:49
Oh, FeFe... I must send you a link to the Double Rainbow clip. Perhaps it will bring tears of inspiration... or laughter to your eyes. And if that doesn't work, I'll join you in a glass of vino :)
0 #1 RE: Chasing Double Rainbows 2012-03-12 10:12
I haven't seen the double rainbow video, and I too, have been suffering from a dearth of creativity in design-land--you are not alone. I have a theory though, I think it's the time of year; not spring, winter's almost over, but not quite, you're hot, you're cold,'s like having malaria while being as stimulating to talk to as a post. Ugh. Thank God for cross-training, the pain helps me forget how crusty my once fertile brain has become of late. Iam right there with you, baby, hang in there! It will get better, it has to!!

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