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Mommy drawing

That’s me, Mamma Buffa (funny mom) over there, and you want to know a little about me I suppose....or maybe had no choice since you accidentally clicked on the wrong menu item and are now here. I'll try to make it worth your while either way. As you can see by the image, I have an INCREDIBLE and unique sense of style…demonstrated by the boldness to outline my round, yet slightly misaligned breasts in purple. My daughter thought I would appreciate this subtle touch. I think she feels badly about her recent newsflash when she lifted up my shirt one morning in bed and bluntly informed me that I “forgot to add air” to my boobies that day.

My son whom I’ve nicknamed “Bubb” is 8 going on 9 and my daughter “Lucky” is 5 and will be 6 in October. They, along with my husband, aka “Mister”, and our doggie are the ones responsible for the mess of a hairdo pictured here. Yet, they are also the lives that put that big pink smile on my face. Apparently, I have no other expression and doctors cannot seem to do anything about that smile or the generic dots I have for eyes. Like I pointed out though, what I lack in genetic uniqueness, I have obviously made up for in fashion sense.

I am a half blooded Italian, thirty-something year old, ankle- tattooed Gen X-er who is new to the world of stay at home-ness. My family’s self inflicted schedules made it difficult to do my paying job as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), so we all took the plunge together in February 2009 and changed my job description to “ Taxi driver, Universal form filler outer, Room cleaner, Referee, Dog walker, Wife, Organizer, Meal maker, Activities director, and Networker”…or T.U.R.R.D. W.O.M.A.N for short. You know, it’s not the cake walk I was secretly hoping for, but being a TURRD WOMAN for my family is rewarding. I mean, just look at me…apparently, all those red circles are “love thermometers” and they are all filled in, indicating by my daughter Lucky that I am “loved all the way”. She must have created this on a good day. Although I see not all of the hearts are filled in. Not sure what that means.

I enjoy anything funny… in fact funny to a fault, where it is sometimes inappropriate. It’s my way of dealing with stress. For example, my mother and I got the giggles at my dear, sweet grandmother’s funeral service. I know…awful. But it was a long weekend, with the whole Catholic wake thing the day before and we were emotionally and mentally exhausted. We cracked, sitting in the church, when all was quiet, and my mom whispered to me, “when I die, please just shoot me out of a cannon…”. That did it. Trying to contain my laughter, it came out my nose in the form of a snort…right when my Uncle was giving a eulogy. Sorry family. I hate getting myself into that position and regretting poor timing or judgment. It goes along with my sarcasm, which doesn’t always land on the right ears or at the right moment. This is one reason I decided to start this website…the ears that are here can stay or leave, and the moment is all up to me. Me me me….

My future plans include writing more, working out more (as you can see is VERY much needed based on the lack of definition in my arms), and obsessing less. I love chocolate, mojitos, cheesy sitcoms, cheese, animals, the beach, dorky board games, dorks, irony and of course... my nutty family.

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This is Mister, who according to Bubb & Lucky, is "as handsome as a man from England". You can just see by the expression on his face that he is a happy person. He's a good BBQ guy, likes sports, and has a full head of hair. Mild allergies to pets, as evidenced by his right eye (Bubb said it was puffy). We all love him, and he puts up with he's a keeper.


Bubb...born in December, 2001. A serious, yet sweet creature. Smart; cautious; Lego builder extraordinaire; will win any battle of verbal endurance. Would rather eat lima beans than cake. Loves: reading, numbers, Star Wars, and knock knock jokes. Hates: bugs, tapioca, Barbies and socks.


Born in October 2004, Lucky is a fiery little girl who wants to make sure we all know that those are sequins in her hair. Says she is allergic to vegetables but not candy. Likes to dance and is good at it. Quick witted, rugged princess who boldly speaks her mind. Loves: Barbies, dress-up, dress-down, Christmas music, and gross stuff. Hates: oatmeal, the color blue, apologies, and fashion rules.

doggie & cat-cat

Doggie is the square one and obviously resembles a Shepherd, Lab and Husky mix. Patient girl who has put up with being dressed up, lipsticked, stickered, and whisker trimmed. Howls at sirens. Loves: shoes, panties, and her squeaky toy. Hates: nothing. Cat-Cat is the rotund critter, and is adequately captured in the image above with the exception of his "kitty cleavage" which is due to his weight issue. Has tried many diets, including South Beach, with no success. Loves: ? Hates: everything.